UEHS Founding Assembly

First Constituent Assembly of the Serbian Association of Endoscopic Surgeons (SAES) was held on June the 7th, 2016 in the Belgrade’s hotel Crowne Plaza. Assembly was attended by more than 150 guests from Serbia, Montenegro and Republic of Srpska, mainly surgeons with a special interest in the minimally invasive, endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery. The Serbian Ministry of Health supported the Constitution Assembly, as the state secretaries also attended the meeting. The assembly was also attended by representatives of the pharmaceutical companies active in the field of minimally invasive surgery. It was our special privilege and honour that the Assembly was attended by the Serbian pioneers in the field of endoscopic surgery, Mirko Grubor, MD and Miroslav Milicevic, MD, PhD, professor of surgery.

Initiative committee consisting of Slavko Matić, MD, PhD, professor of surgery, Aleksandar Simić, MD, PhD, professor of surgery, Miloš Bjelović, MD, PhD, professor of surgery and Srdjan Mijatović, MD, assistant professor of surgery, presided over the constituent assembly and after the introduction talks and remarks, the proposition of the SAES Statute and Governing Boards was made and unanimously accepted by the assembly.