Membership in the Endoscopic Surgeons Association of Serbia is not the privilege of the selected, but the privilege of those who deal with, or want to deal with, minimal invasive surgery. That lack of affiliation, that person’s card should have every surgeon. The key is that what we love to do is work together.
And, in front of the Association, we will do our best to do everything in our power to organize the Association organization in the direction of the best interests of the members. SAES is conceived as a professional association that aims to support members of the association and help them directly in the area in which the Association operates. SAES should be experienced as a family that you all welcome. SAES is especially focused on young surgeons and doctors on specialization and their education. Basic skills courses in laparoscopy are regularly organized for the members of the Association, and the courses of sewing in laparoscopy are also planned.
We have achieved excellent communication with the European Association of Endoscopic Surgeons (EAES). We intend to further improve this cooperation. So far, by engaging SAES, 100 members of our association have joined EAES and thus became the second largest group in EAES.
It is a requirement to renew your membership in the National Association (SAES) in the coming year, becoming a member of EAES, and the benefits of EAES membership are numerous.