The First Symposium of the Serbian Association for Endoscopic Surgery (SAES) on the topic “Minimally Invasive Surgery in Serbia today” will be held on December 2nd, 2016 in Belgrade’s hotel Metropol. The President of the EAES, professor Eduardo Taragona, will be a special guest of our meeting, and he is planned to give the opening presentation. The goal of the first meeting of SAES is to present our results and to get an overview of the current state of different fields of endoscopic surgery in Serbia today, as well as to form the strategy for the future development of minimally invasive surgery in Serbia and SAES itself.

During this planned one-day symposium, overall 20 lectures will be given concerning the current state and future of the laparoscopic, minimally invasive surgery of the abdominal wall, gynaecological, urological, endocrine, paediatric and thoracic endoscopic surgery and procedures, together with the perspectives on the anaesthesiology aspects in this field.